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Feb. 11th, 2006 @ 04:48 pm My husband says I don't update anymore.
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To be honest I just don't have the time. I've been sick all this week. It's been a bummer in some ways but a bit of a break in others. We've been back in school going on 6 weeks now. Kinda hard to believe. Heck I've been married for 6 weeks now. And I miss him like you couldn't believe.

I don't have Spring Break for another month yet, but in two weeks I'll be leaving for Atlanta, so opportunity for a break is there, it just involves a lot of business in between. I'm hoping the first day we get down there we'll just go ahead and go to the aquarium. I think by the last day I'll have had enough meetings and such that I won't want to do much. Sean booked us a nice hotel, fitness center and all. I'll be satisfied. I'm staying with my two girls of course. Two of the nights there, there's supposedly going to be dances and such. My guess is one night I'll be dragged out bar-hopping (we got good at that last year) or just out to eat or something. Best part is, this costs me nada. I even get $100 when I get there for food and other necessities. Well, ok, roundtrip plane ticket cost me 5 bucks. Dammit! But this will most likely be one of the last BIG things we all do together. And Pam copped out on us, so Tim's going to 'babysit' us. Right.

My incredibly sexy husband is incredibly busy like I am, but I think at this point it's what's keeping us going. We can't stand being apart from eachother, but I do have to finish up things here and he does have to finish some things there. I didn't know until a few days ago that if I did move to South Korea with him we'd be stuck there an extra year. But I'm so proud of him, just for everything that he does not only for me, but just everyone. He's so intelligent and hard working. I wish they'd give him a bit more of a break sometimes because he needs to get out a little more. I think he's only gotten out like 3 times since he's been back...granted I've only gone out like 4 or 5 times myself, but having downtime gives one an opportunity to think and be bummed. Atleast it works that way with me. I'm grateful for the talk time we do get, and I know I'm incredibly spoiled. I don't know anyone else who's married that gets as spoiled as I do, and we're half a world's apart. I mean Josh just bought me a laptop with some accesories. I wonder what I do to deserve all of this. My husband's birthday gift is still in my dad's car waiting for me to wrap it and mail it. I got the Valentine's day card out way before the birthday gift and his birthday is a day before Valentine's Day. I'm trying here lol. But really, just having my husband is good enough for me. We're just both incredibly lucky that at our ages we're doing as well as we are. I've always been worried about how financially I would end up starting out in a marriage one day, but with us I have no worries at all. I've been told I technically don't have to work because Josh can support me, especially since the government pays us basic housing allowance now...which is way more money than I've ever made a month so far...except the first month I started working because I was out of school, but still. But I still am going to work atleast 1 day a week because that money pays my gas and groceries, and if I go out to eat with the girls. That and I'm too independent not to work and be a bum. I like the idea of saving. Especially since I'm going to be moving in a few months.

Speaking of when I graduate, I've already decided that I'm going to do something to celebrate...so I've talked to Josh and I think we're either going to go back to Gatlinburg and go whitewater rafting, or go on like a 7 day cruise to the Carribean. I'm going to go to Chile someday...a cruise around South America would be awesome, except they take like 30 days. I was doing some research today and the military discount for a 7 day cruise on Royal Carribean cruiseline was only like $450 a person. That's freaking cheap! So we'll figure something out whenever certain dates panout and such. We're still waiting on homecoming dates and Warrant Officer and Flight School stuff to go through. My husband is going to be a pilot. Impressive? Yeah I think so.

So we'll be living in either Tennessee (which I'm really excited about since I fell in love with that place during me wedding/honeymoon) or Alabama. Either way, we'll be together, which is something I think we've both had to wait long enough for at this point. We deserve it.
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Date:February 12th, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)
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That almost brought a tear to my eye. You are incredibly lucky. I didn't know you were moving. You're graduating after this semester? Wonderful.

:P I hope I meet my guy soon.