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Mar. 5th, 2006 @ 12:31 am Time flies...
Current Mood: happyhappy
I know it's been a while. I've been so busy. I can barely keep my eyes open now as it is.

I just got home from Atlanta on wednesday and my first plane rides ever and I get to do it again now on the 9th. It surprises me how much I loved flying. Atlanta or rather 'Hotlanta' was just awesome...except the seminar part...which I slept through because I was up every morning till almost 3. But I'll have to go into detail later. My husband now calls me 'Mrs. Party Time.' I was out every night except for one. I only got toasted one night. They're still laughing at me about the white zinfandel not being 'white.' That and about how I thought when my ears started popping on the plane that we were changing atmospheres. You'll have to forgive me I didn't take earth science. So I had a few moments. It happens.

But this thursday I will be flying out of Norfolk to go see my husband for a few days who's flying into Nashville because he's unexpectedly getting deployed :(
I feel like it was hard enough the first time, but with school and everything, the last thing I need is to be stressed even more than I already am. Korea is hard enough...the dessert is totally something different. I miss him so much as it is and now my phone time is seriously going to be cut back. It honestly sucks.
But through all the frustration, I do get to see him for 4 days and 5 nights and I couldn't be more excited! I just am still adjusting to being an army wife, that's all.

Oh yes, my husband and I had our first little spat over the phone about a bill. Not about not having enough money or someone spending too much...just about how it was going to get paid. I'm sure that seems silly, but I always had my ways of doing things and he has his ways of paying bills...and needless to say he won. I must be getting weak lol.

I got my very first speeding ticket on thursday. 16 over. So now I get to go to court. I've seen so many cops out lately though that it makes me wonder if it's quota time...cause the last guy let me go...granted I don't think he was going to give me a ticket anyways, but still. This guy was like 'liscence, you were 16 over, I'm gonna go write youa ticket.' End of conversation. So yeah. Oh well. Like mom said, lesson learned. I was driving the Camry though, now I'm back to the truck. They ride totally different. I'll have to watch my speedometer next time.

Well I'm headed to bed. I've got to do laundry and pack tomorrow. Done some great site seeing though lately. Atlanta one week, Nashville this week. Can't beat that!
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Date:March 6th, 2006 09:59 pm (UTC)
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I'm sorry he is getting deployed unexpectedly :( that sucks.
Date:March 8th, 2006 05:42 pm (UTC)


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yes i would just like to say the paying the bill my way was much faster and painless...so :p