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Jun. 12th, 2006 @ 03:09 pm Woah an update!
Current Mood: draineddrained
I haven't posted in here a while. Okay make it a loooong while. The past couple months have been incredibly hard for me, in more ways than one. I got sick back in August with what at the time I had no idea. There were good days and bad days but nothing was persistant. Few days were horrible. I'd get these horrible pains and bloating and distention among other things after I ate. ER doctors had no answers except to go see a gastroenterologist. So almost two months ago after another "episode" followed by another CT scan, I end up at the gastroenterologist's office and finally an answer. So I have IBS. They don't know where it comes from or how one seems to get it, but certain factors trigger it more than others. It's treatable, not curable...so far (I hope to God one day it will be). I have to watch my stress levels, can't eat chocolate or drink coffee among other things. I've had to learn the differences between soluble and insoluble fiber. They did a few more tests which has now officially landed me a colonoscopy on wednesday. I'm probably one of very few 22 year olds who get this opportunity before the age of 50. On top of that, I never get periods. We're in the process of correcting that. And with my husband being deployed (though back now in Korea) it was just all too much at once, expecially since school was still more than full time. I've been depressed from the combination of everything. My weight dropped alot. I couldn't tell the difference between people being concerned, critical, or overly concerned to the point that they thought I was a basket case. Not sure really. Problem with all of that is I care what other people think way more than I should. But now my husband's back, with the medicine I've started feeling better, I'm moving to Washington in a month (state not DC) to finally be with my husband. I think that's the one thing I really need is to just be with him. He can't make it to my graduation, which I'm slowly starting to be okay with I guess. But it really can only get better from here. And I can finally be a wife already!
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